Road To College Ball

I am a 6’4" 185 lb pitcher from Missouri, 2013 high school grad. I am looking to play at the highest collegiate level. This is where i am gonna post my journey.

Freshman Year: I tore my ACL playing football and sat out all of my baseball season.

Sophomore Fall: I played in an instrucional league trying to get back into the game.

Sophomore Winter: Went to a Perfect Game USA Showcase. Topped out at 84. Top prospect Team. Went to a Showcase for my Summer team topped out at 86. Good accuracy and good off-speed good everything.

Sophomore Spring: made the varsity team. got about 10 innings. Not a great season… I had a ton of trouble with accuracy but off speed was alright.

Sophomore Summer: went to a pre-summer showcase, topped out at 89. With a lot of control issues. Off speed was totally gone. Trying to work on that still. I was throwing a curveball and changeup. My coach just transfered me from that into a splitter and slider to let me keep my arm speed and not have to change much else. Thats going alright… starting to get a feel for both.

Good luck on this log and show grandpa how to workout!

going down to East Cobb this weekend for the WWBA National Championships… hope to do well, get some looks, and win the whole thing

Good Luck man…knock em dead!!!