"Road to 80"--Offseason training log

I am going to put a training log on here (because as someone already said “all the cool kids are doing it”)

I am 15 5’8" about 132-133 lbs. Right now I can throw low 70’s and maybe top out around 75. I’m shooting for 80 consistantally. I am taking a gym class taught by the football coach. It is pretty much 60-70 min of football practice, minus hitting ( :? ). I am also on the cross country team (I know you all think this is bad, but I feel it will make me an overall better athlete, as well as helping my determination and mental stuff). I ordered an ab program written by Jon Doyle. I havent gotten it yet, but will start as soon as I get it. I am looking to throw 3-4 days per week. Also I am going to take batting practice 2-3 times per week.




This is the format that I will use.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing your progress! Are you going to participate in fall ball at all?

hey if you could, post a short review of what you thought about Doyle’s program. I’ve read some of his stuff and it seems pretty good.

I am going to help coach a fall ball team. I missed the age limit by like 8 months. :x

I have been talking to Mr. Doyle via IM and he claims his program is so good that he has a 200% money back guarentee. Once I get it I will write about it.

Date: 9-3-06
Weight: 134
Standard static stretching
3 Mi. medium jog (24:55)
Short Bike ride 15 min
Pitched 65 pitches
Soft toss w/ undersized baseballs (size of golf balls) and undersized bat (“thunderstick”)
100 crunches
10 min plyo stuff–jumps, etc
3 sets of chin ups till exaughtion (sp?)

2 Glasses Milk
2 Glasses water
2 Bowls Whole wheat, extra fiber ceral

Chicken Sandwhich (2 pieces of wheatbread, tomato, onions, chicken)
2 Glasses Milk
2 Glasses Water (w/ lemon)
Peanut Butter

1 Glass Milk
1 Glass Orange juice
2 Glasses Water

Grilled chicken
1 Glass Milk
2 Glasses Water
1 Glass Orange Juice

Smoothie (bannanas, strawberries, blueberries, orange juice, yougurt)
Strawberry Yougurt

Injuries/Comments: Ive been having shin splints the last few weeks, but they are getting better. My arm was pretty good–a little bit of soreness, but that went away as I warmed up.

Ditch the OJ and eat an orange. Much better for you that way.

Other than that things look really good. I was skeptical about the heavy milk consumption when I saw lbarber do it, but he has made it work.

Great job and keep it up!

Oooh, shin splits are not fun, I’ve never had them, but my dad has experienced them. Do you run on any hard surfaces? My dad bought these shoes that help out with it. Although, I can’t remember what they’re called, but I do know they worked pretty well for him.

Do you use therabands, or dumbbells for your rotator cuff?
I haven’t bought any therabands, but there’s an exercise I do with 5 lb dumbbells to work my rotator cuff.

It doesn’t have a name, or atleast I don’t think it does, but anyways, your arm should be at about 45 degree angle, and palms facing outward, then you do a front raise. I hope that makes sense, I’ll try and find some info to better explain it.

Usually I run on the grass (at X Country), but on days off I run on the road.

My legs have been feeling a little better. I bought some arch support things. At my physcial the doctor said I have flat feet. I think this is the cause of my leg problems.

As for rotator cuff excercises, I’ve been doing some but I think Ill do more than I had been doing (2 x per week 5-10 min).

Thanks for the input so far. :lol:

Yeah with shin splints, always check your insoles.
I got them when the in sole was basically the cloth and no more pad, Dr Scholls fixed that.

Also if they presist see if there is a good running shoe store in your area.
There’s a good local one where I lived and they would check out your footstrike and other things to help you pick out the best shoe.

Sorry I havent posted here in a couple days. I will try for once every few days. My diet is about the same.

As for my workout I had a 5k race today. I didn’t do too well (24 ish), but I wasn’t too tired at the end, so I guess I’ll have to work on my pacing. I do lots of ab work in the gym glass and today we did some pylometrics. I have done some weighted ball throwing today and yesterday. Also yesterday I ran across the gym 156 times (about 1 1/2 mi) in about 12 min. At track practice I ran about two miles yesterday and about a mile before the race.

Yesterday I had an easy workout at X country (about 2 miles). In the football class we did tons of ab work, then we played football. We also did some cardio in football class.

Today was about the same. We ran a little more in both cross country (just over 6:00 first mile 8) ) and the football class. We also did tons of ab work. I weighed myself on the football players scale (usuallu 4-5 lbs high) and I was about 137 or 138. So right now I think I’m about 133. I’m still throwing low 70’s and maybe topping out at 75.

Ive basically been doing the same thing over the past week or so. I usually run 2-3 mi. I have done tons of ab work in gym class (the football coach is into “ab’s of steel”–I think he takes pleasure in making us do hundreds of crunches, leg lifts and knee tucks :x . Also I just got Jon Doyle’s program. It looks great. The excercises are not just traditional crunches–they are much more interesting, fun and excercise your whole midsection–not just your abs. I was very skeptical of all of his promises–but I can see that he wasn’t making stuff up. Overall I really like the program and is a great buy.

Today I have another 5k. Im shooting for something in the 22’s or 23’s.

So you like the Doyle program? Did you get the basic or the deluxe edition? Any chance you could shed some light on what’s in the book for the cash-flow-impaired of us? :lol:

I got the basic version (47 dollars). I can’t really tell you whats in it because Jon asked me not to.

One sample excersise that is not in the program, but has many simalarities is called wheel barrowing. Lie on the ground. Then have someone pick up your feet. Begin to walk foward on you hands. Going up stairs or a ramp makes it a little tougher. This works your arms, but also you need a strong core to help stabalize yourself.

I got 23:26 on the race today. Saturday we have another race and I’m shooting for about 22:55. It is a harder corse than the one today, but I’m more familiar with it (home corse).

Good luck! :slight_smile: