Road Stories


I read Coach B.'s Road Game Humor thread and it reminded me of a time in Little League. We were traveling for NE Regionals for a chance at the LLWS and stopped at a motel along the way.

Well, we noticed at check in that there was a pool in the center courtyard surrounded by three levels of rooms to all sides. It had been a sweltering day and we were all excited to use the pool and had conspired to conduct a late night stealth operation. Well there was obviously no lifeguard on duty since the lights were off in the pool area, and the light from the few safety lights near the rooms barely made the surface of the water visible. It was going to be great!

After lights out we snuck out of the rooms, quickly hopped the 6’ rubber coated chain link surrounding the pool (a maneuver we were all adept at from chasing balls that left the field during practices), and slipped into the water, we were trying to be quiet and not laugh or talk above a whisper. It was going well and we had not been discovered for what was probably about 10 minutes. There was lots of cover noise for us because the crickets and frogs were going crazy. Our SS just couldn’t resist the call of the diving board. We were urging him in emphatic whispers to not use the board. His ears must have been filled with water, or he was simply ignoring our pleas. He came down hard on the board to get some good air, and that’s when it happened. Unbeknownst to any of us, a flock/swarm of bats had been hanging 10 under that diving board and were not impressed with Steve’s midnight assault. For a second there was a black cloud that formed in the area over the board and we lost sight of Steve. He started screaming, we started screaming, the bats tore off like WE had scared THEM. Steve hit the water sideways with a smack as lights were popping on all around the pool from the surrounding rooms.

Coaches, parents, and patrons alike were not impressed with the early wake up call. We were busted. Hard.


My brother was a good soccer player. When I was 16 and he was 15, he was on a 15U team that won the state championship. This was before the proliferation of soccer travel teams and “travel championships”, back when soccer teams were geographic, or community based, made up of kids from communities across the state that competed for the state title. His team had some great athletes, several of whom later went on to play D1 college football as well as in the NFL. Well, after winning state, they went off to the regional championship. In New Orleans. Unfortunately, their coach, though a great soccer coach, happened to be an alcoholic too. Big time. So, the night before the regional final, while the coach was out enjoying the French Quarter, the boys decided to have a taste too, and sneaked out of their hotel and managed to score several cases of beer. When the sun rose, the beer cans were empty, the boys were hung over and sick, and they got slaughtered on the soccer field. Too bad. They had the talent to go on to nationals, but they just had to have a taste, didn’t they? :imp:


In high school had a QB call a time out to make sure the coach knew the pizza being delivered to the side line was for him…he thought it was funny…the coach not so much.

My sons travel team was playing in the next state over and was having their usual struggles. The HC was all over them, calling them names, challenging their manhood, all the typical fake tough coach BS. Early the next morning a couple of boys decided to let the air out of one of his tires, just about 3/4 flat. Left enough air he could get to the nearest gas station…which happened to be right next to the hotel, less than 100 yards from where he was parked. He saw the tire and panicked…voice cracking, almost tearing up, he refused to drive it to the gas station, instead he was going to call a tow truck to tow it the 80 or so yards to the station. A parent finally just got in and took it there for him. Hard for the boys to keep a straight face when he would lecture them about reacting to adversity after that.