Rivera vs Papelbon

Who has a better song to come out to Mariano Rivera, or Jonathan Papelbon, or other. and list

What’s Papelbons?

I doubt it could beat Rivera’s becuase I’m sure its some other girly band that isn’t Metallica or metal.

Papelbon’s song is “Wild Thing” and I’m gonna go with Rivera’s (Enter Sandman) that song just has to get into hitters head and psych them out

No, it’s “Im shipping up to boston”.

[quote=“futureKazmir”]Papelbon’s song is “Wild Thing” and I’m gonna go with Rivera’s (Enter Sandman) that song just has to get into hitters head and psych them out[/quote]Shows what you know. But we weren’t expecting much out of a Rays fan. Papelbon comes out to Shippin Up to Boston, by Dropkick Murphys. And every person in Fenway shouts it out to. Enter Sandman is a great song, and if I didn’t like the Red Sox, I’d go with it. Oh, btw where’s your 5.5 game lead over Boston?

Rivera + Enter Sandman = Certain doom for the visitors

Not better than Metallica but don’t worry most bands aren’t.

That shipping up to boston song is weird… Does anyone know Trevor Hoffman’s?

Honestly what did I do to attack you. Plus who swept who last week.

also according to this video he enters to “Wild Thing”


Fenway shouts it out to.

You mean “too” not to, that doesn’t make sense.

But what would you expect from a RedSox fan?

Yea stupid Red Sox Fan

Hoffman’s song is “Hells Bells” by AC/DC

futurekaz, as soon as everyone started talking about the rays they lose 7 in a row haha. they are done they will be lucky to finish above .500

Ive liked the rays for like 2 seasons now… Im sure they will get out of this funk after allstar break…
Oh yea thanks Futurekazmir

Lester had a minute of fame to crawl out of his cave and troll but one post and hes right back into his cave.

Trolls :roll: :roll: :roll:

Wow, wouldn’t expect anything more from a Yankee fan than that false sense of superiority derived from cheering for a team who would be exactly the same whether or not you existed. This is why I end up hating most of you guys, and why all of my memories you Yankee Stadium are soured by fat drunk thirty year old men who fancy themselves part of the team. Sorry guys but how about you win a championship this century before you start talking because last time I checked we have two.

And also what the hell kind of topic is this, both of those entrance songs kick ass. If you’ve ever been at Yankee Stadium when Mo comes in, you can tell that song instils a sense of hopelessness in the opposition. And if you’ve ever been at Fenway when Papelbon comes out, I guarentee you that you’ve never felt more electricity in a stadium. Ever. Every single person wearing Boston apperal is screaming their lungs out, its reminiscent of when Ricky Vaugn ran out in Major League, and that was a movie.

And @ FutureKazmir, I really do love your guys team and I’m going to keep things civil with you. You guys are built like a championship squad and I cheer for you every time but when you play us. I wouldn’t mind you guys even finishing ahead of us as long as we get in with the wild card, you guys are a great story and deserve to get it. Its just stupid Yankee fans that piss me off, not you.

Ok I take it your a RedSox fan because you weren’t invovled in this topic at all. And I had some cockiness I like metallica one of my favorite bands so thats all that was going on with my first 2 posts in this topic.

As for my next post I was just sticking up for Kaz when someone called him out for a simple mistake so I sarcasticly found a mistake that he had made and pointed it out. I was just sticking up for Kaz.

And for both of those songs kicking “ass” that is your opinion and that is the reason why we had this topic. That’s also why it is in Off-Topic. We don’t always have to come to an agreement. If I agree that Enter Sandman is the better and someone says that Papelbons is the best we will both go on with our days and probably just forget about it. Its called an opinion and they’re not meant to be agreed upon.

Bower thanks for sticking up for me. And to FSTBLLTHRWER, thanks for the complements on the Rays, they’re good season was long over due. I’d be happy it the rays just get a wild card and lose in the first round because…hey
it’s not last place.

Well they’re 3 up from the Sox and 4.5 from the Yankees so I’d say they’re could even take the division.

Fair enough Bower, I can get pretty defensive about my Sox.

And FutureKazmir, I am kind of worried that you guys might fade near the end because of all the young guys who have never had to pitch into September or beyond, but again I’m rooting for you guys. What you need is to get out of Tampa Bay so that you could have more than 10000 people in the stands in your playoff games