River City Rascals

This upcoming Saturday I plan on attending a tryout for the indy team the River City Rascals. Any suggestions or helpful tips?


Look the Coaching Staff in the eyes

Be confident

Talk loud enough so that you can be heard and speak without mumbling

Don’t rush yourself

Make sure you’re on the same page as the guy who is catching you

Don’t be afraid to shake the catcher off

Don’t get upset by what happens in the field

Get there early

Get your stretching and running in on your own

Don’t wear any team affiliated gear except for the school or team you’ve been a part of


Don’t sit down unless the Coaching staff says its ok

Be confident in your abilities

Don’t be afraid to throw inside

Ask questions if you have any

Shave (some Coaches prefer guys with no facial hair)

Stand up tall don’t slouch

Be personable but don’t clown around

Be confident but not cocky

And did I mention HUSTLE

if you’re a lefty hitter have fun, that porch is real short