Ristar's Last post

LAst post I will make.

Bye have a great life and let God work in it.

When I make it to the MLB I will come back and post again.

Steven Good luck with the forum.

I’m sorry you feel this way RiStar. Hate to say it, but I’ve been to all the levels from high school to pro ball and I’ve never found better instruction than what I’ve found on this web site. That includes college coaches, people I work with for personal instrutction, as well as pro ball pitching coaches. I can only wish I had a site like this around when I was your age. Your making a huge gigantic mistake leaving this site, you’ll regret it.

i will bet everything that i own he will not leave… even if he does, hell be back… even if it is from a new username pretending to not be him anymore

This is just the newest thing on the site so obviously RIStar has to try it just like everything else. Haven’t you guys learned anything?

Great call Spencer. I wanna leave too