Rising Jr analysis (problem with the head? 2)



Got a little better video this time. Originally posted about what I thought was a head jerk. After reviewing video I think the problem is pulling glove side shoulder back on fastballs. These videos include only fastballs and curves (no changeups). Any advice on how to cure is greatly appreciated as well as any other areas needing improvement. My concern now is taking head off target with fastball. Will not be tweaking anything until after summer ball is finished.


The head and spine tilt is definitely costing you at release point - that much tilt pulls your release point back quite a bit. The head movement might also affect your control.

But the thing I would have you work on first is getting your hips moving forward earlier. Then see what effect this timing change has on the rest of your delivery.

One other thing I noticed… from the stretch you position your posting foot on the glove side of the rubber while you are more centered from the wind-up.


Roger, thanks for the reply. I hadn’t noticed the difference in start position between the stretch & wind. Can’t be a good thing to start from two different places. He’s made a lot of improvement with the tilt over the past year. Up until last summer it was much worse (was looking at ground at release). He’s attempted to come down to a 3/4 slot & even “tried to throw sidearm”. Lately been trying to make main focus his head and hoping posture will continue to gradually improve. For some reason I can’t paste still shots on this site. Your still is a curve; my belief is head is in a better position on his curve than his fastball at release. The early pitches in first video are fastballs. Using cues now to keep head on target and level but not trying to make major changes, looking for something to use in the off season. I’m not sure he’ll ever get to a true 3/4s. On the hips he’s been using a core velocity belt for the past couple of months. So far it’s improved his direction and increased his stride length, hoping over time it continues to get his hip out sooner. Thank you again for the reply, it is very helpful. The issue with the start position is something we can address now and the remainder gives him something to build on in the off season.