Rise in Posts about elbow injuries?

Is it just me or are more people posting here about pain in the elbow and ucl injuries? What are all of your thoughts on this.

It could be a rise of injury’s wich i doubt tho, instead, i think its more like people see that there not the only one. So they make their own thread to talk about their personal injury perhaps? every ones injury is different( even if its diagnosed the same )

When you’re young you have the tendency to overthrow, and throw more than you should. I sure did it this year, lol. The problem is that as kids 13-14 get serious with pitching they overthink their elbow pain. Your tendons telling you its time to take a day off to them is “OMG I need Tommy John”. A week of rest with 0 throwing can fix 90% of elbow injuries in kids <15, IMO.