Rippetoe's Program

Hey guys, It’s nice to be posting on the forum again it’s been quite a while.

I have a few questions l’d like to ask about my potential new workout plan for the off season.

I’ve been lifting off of mark rippetoe’s program for pure strength and muscle development and I like so far, it’s been about five weeks. It’s very straight forward, three day full body split, five reps for three sets in each lift.

Day A- Squat, Bench, Dead
Day B- Squat, Overhead Press, Barbell Row

I was wondering what you guys have to say about a program like this. I know alot of guys say bench and shoulder press is all but throwing your career away.

Also, I wanted to start putting in some type of sprinting days.
I’m thinking something like this.

Tuesday-Sprint Work
Thursday-Sprint Work

I like the three day splits but I’m wondering if this is enough sprint work. Monday’s and Friday’s I’m planning on doing some interval running also.

Anyone have any opinions on such a training idea?

Did you take the powercleans out? I could’ve sworn that powercleans were the fifth exercise in Rip’s SS program.

Anyway, the program is simple but extremely effective in building strength and muscle in a short amount of time. I’d add sprint days in slowly so you dont take away from the strength gains. Maybe one day a week at first (for a couple weeks), then two and so on. The reason for this is because on Rip’s program you are supposed to lifting heavy and constantly increasing the weight. That’s why he only has you lift 3 times a week, 3 exercises per session. The off days allow for recovery. When you dip into your off days, then it makes it harder to recover and consequently you will be unable to continue with your gains in the weight room.

If you are in week 5, I would stick with the program until at least week 10, or until you start seeing your strength gains stop. Rippetoe mentions in the book that once you reach “intermediate” level, then you need to add more complexity through periodization. This will also work nicely for the upcoming baseball season, as you can then start adding some explosive exercises, along with speed work and other things. Once you finish up with the Starting Strength protocol in a few weeks, then I would look at Joe DeFranco’s training split from WS4SB 3.