Are pitchers supposed to be ripped? Or at least are their core muslces suppsoed to be defiend? Since pitching takes so much power from the core and from the shoulders and of the legs I was just wondering if pitchers should have defined muscles there? Haha
Just a question.

I don’t really think it matters either way. You can be ripped and be a good pitcher or it could be the other way around. As you mentioned it’s about generating power, and that comes from strength and the size of a muscle doesn’t always determine how strong it is. You can be ripped but it’s more important that you are strong that’s the reason why most lifting you do for baseball should be strength training.

Being “ripped” is as much a matter of diet and genetics as it is strength, if not more. You can do all the ab and core work you want but if your body fat percentage isn’t below a certain level (+/- 10% I believe) you’ll look like most of the rest of the population.

If your question is would being ripped effect the way you pitch there are certain aspects which could effect your motion.

If your chest is too big it could possibly have negative implications on your throwing mechanics.

examples of ripped pitchers who are very successful are -

Jon Papelbon
Rick Ankiel
even Kershaw has some abs and big biceps

Lol, i wouldn’t use Ankiel as an example of a “very successful” pitcher :lol: . Other two guys are good ones though

I would call any pitcher in the majors successful.

I will add that it makes working harder easier if you do start seeing some results and you start to have definition in your muscles because you can see your progress or I know thats the way it is for me. But this wont happen unless you have a reallly healthy diet along with all the training you do.

I would call any pitcher in the majors successful.[/quote]