Righty throwing Lefty

Hey guys, in case you have been following my log (or if you haven’t, catch up

This video is me throwing with a Connection Ball (Without I have an issue where I bring my elbow above my shoulder (which isnt an issue) but then as I start to rotate my shoulders my elbow drops below (which is an issue) You can see that video on my log.

Looking to get some constructive criticism on what I do wrong (and right)

Its best to view this video in full screen.

And no I don’t really throw that slow haha It’s shot at 120 FPS

I believe you have too much emphasis on stride length. You lack lower body power and your reach for more stride length creates discoordination. You can throw hard due to mild torso and strong arm strength.

Your hand break is too early. hand break at glide , not the beginging of foot down. see Kershaw. U and the 9 year old are simular lol.

Also I dont like the way you look down and then pick up your target at knee up. Its not bad. Ive seen pitcher pick up the target at foot down which is even worse. I like head (not eyes) on target the whole time because of balance.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s stuff I will work on.

And comparing me to a 9yr old is a compliment haha considering I’vr been throwing exclusivily lefty for 2 weeks tops, I was expecting to look like a 5 yr old, so I’m 4 years ahead of schedule :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: