Rick Ankiel

What do you think about Rick Ankiel?

That’s a rather vague question… as a hitter? as a former pitcher? as a guy whoose been linked to hGh?

like overall both batter and pitcher

I have a friend in St. Louis and it’s rather funny whenever we’d talk about Ankiel, I always joked that he’d be the modern day Babe Ruth… I guess time will tell.

I thought he was a great Pitcher and everything that happened to him was a shame.

As a hitter I’ve only really seen the highlights of him, so I can’t really comment on that.

I played against him in the minors. To this day, he still has the best CB I’ve ever seen. Too bad he juiced … and then got caught.

Anybody have any ideas why he had such a problem hitting the strike zone. Let me rephrase that, coming close to hitting the strike zone. lol

I’ve heard hGh only helps with recoveries and the all effects and stuff are still unknown. Is that true?