Rick Ankiel? Am I missing something?

So this happend a while ago I just wondered if anyone on this forum saw it, and if so what they think. Rick gets up against someone from the colorado rockies I believe, and first pitch he gets off speed looks like a slider. Rick yells something along the lines of “throw me a fastball” and go figure next pitch the guy throws him off speed again. So he says something about getting a FB, again offspeed and he fouls it off. Well this guy goes to the well one more time and he hits the offspeed pitch. Now I don’t know if i’m missing something here or what is the deal? Is there some unwritten rule the pitcher broke? Like throw a guy 1 fastball per count. I don’t know it’s just like this guy made it to the pitchers cuz he doesn’t just throw a fastball, he has offspeed and can spot his pitches. So why is rick ankiel chirping him for a FB? WHat do you think? I just think it’s kinda silly to be getting angry at this guy for not throwing you the pitch you want, I have a feeling if that was the case games would be alot higher scoring.

Apparently Rick Ankiel was trying to discombooberate the pitcher, and when that failed he decided he would hit the next pitch no matter what it was. It happens all the time. Let’s go back to 1996 and the fourth game of the World Series. Top of the eighth. Yankees behind 6-3, there were two men on base with one out. Mark Wohlers, the Braves’ closer, was pitching to Jim Leyritz who had come into the game to catch in the sixth inning. First pitch, a 98-MPH fast ball—and Leyritz fouled it off. Now Wohlers suddenly got this strange look on his face—his best pitch and all he got was a foul—and he started wondering if he could get the guy out with it. He tried two curve balls in succession, and Leyritz wasn’t biting. Another fast ball, 99-MPH this time, and again a foul. Now Wohlers was thoroughly convinced he couldn’t get Leyritz out with those pitches, so he went to his slider—and again a foul, down the third base line this time. Now Wohlers thought he would try again with the slider, which was his third best pitch (and if you’re going to get beat it should not be with your third best pitch)—but this one hung, right up around the eyes, and Mr. Leyritz swung at that pitch and drilled it over the left field wall. I will never forget the announcer’s excited scream: "Back at the track—at the wall—WE ARE TIED!!!"
And that’s another way to mess up a pitcher’s rhythm, his timing, what have you. Say nothing. Just keep fouling them off. What Jim Leyritz was doing with each foul was getting a better and better read on Wohlers’ pitches, and finally he got one he could hit, and he hit it. By the way, he said in a postgame interview, “When in doubt, don’t throw me a fast ball.” He was forcing the pitcher to go to his other, not quite as effective, stuff. As for Wohlers—he didn’t last long in the majors after that, and eventually he dropped out of baseball.
No, you’re not missing anything. Ankiel was making such a pest of himself that finally the pitcher gave him what he wanted. My guess is that this pitcher, whoever he was, didn’t know much about mixing up the pitches, throwing to different locations…but then, that’s the Colorado Rockies for you! :slight_smile: 8)

Okay I assumed that about the only reason he would do it is to get in the pitchers head, just kind of embarassing yourself on national tv yelling at a guy to throw you what you want but it definately worked. And tell me about it, oh the rockies…