Richard 11u Slow Mo Pitching

Hey, could you please check my mechanics please? Feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

Your video follows the ball so we can’t analyze your full arm action or any of your follow through. Please reupload when you get a chance. But I’ll try to go through what is here…

Ok Thanks!

Front foot is a TOE plant and not a foot plant. Right before the 19 second mark you can see that you are still on your front toe. You need to work on planting the entire foot.

You also are leading with your shoulder a bit and not your hip as you bring your front leg up. You are very “up and down” like an “I” and not like a backwards “k.” We would like the front hip to be shifting towards the plate during your knee being brought up.

Front arm never really gets “up” from about 16 sec to 18 seconds you can see your front side elbow is down which is causing early shoulder opening. You dont ever “push” your self (your chest) through the door/window you should be opening with your front hand.

Hand separation is pretty good. Arm getting above your shoulder early before core rotation is good.

Post another video where you dont follow the ball… would like to see finish.

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