Richard 11u Pitching Analysis


Here is a video analysis of me pitching in my 11 u AAU league against the best team. Keep in mind this is my first start coming off of a minor elbow injury so I’m not throwing 100% velocity. I ended up throwing 5 innings with 1 ER. This game I was easing in to it again not throwing the change up and two seam. Can anyone check my mechanics please? Thank You!


You definitely have no velocity coming from the legs. Try moving forward with the hips as you get into your leg lift this will feel weird at first but you’ll definitely feel a gain in power and control


Thank You. I will apply that to my next start. I also pitched a complete game 1 ER today against a 12 u team in a tournament. We are the youngest team in it.


You’re eleven and you already have had an elbow injury? Jesus.


Well I got hit by a pitch right on the elbow and I coodnt move my whole arm until the next day after I went to the hospital


Oh okay, I thought you meant you got TJ or something. Disregard my displeasure.


I recommend trying to create a better balance of load + power and with quickness in your delivery . I saw in that video you were pitching in the stretch and I believe I saw runners on base. Many kids try to get rid of the ball as fast as they can because they are worried about runners stealing on them. However, this is pointless if you get no power in your pitch (which could be from not loading). I recommend trying to load with your back leg and hip a little more and then driving with your hip as 4pie said. I also recommend keeping your hips closed a little longer because you’re turning your chest and hips too soon to the plate which causes you to lose power. As I finish here I’ll have to congratulate you. 5 innings with 1 ER is impressive especially for someone your age.


Most kids today do not grow up having thrown rocks at each other, so they are a bit behind on the arm strength curve :wink: He explains it later though.