So I was in the middle of a bullpen today when a light bulb went off in my head. I sometimes have a problem with thoughts and wondering things (which is bad) but anyways over this summer I talked with a Sports Psychologist and he helped me understand how to control the game better and use my thoughts when things are going bad.
Right now im a senior psychology major in college and playing collegiate ball and so I’ve had numerous classes with positive thinking and stuff like that…
anyways I watched a video clip of Tim Lincecum on MLB Hot Stove and he referred to counting to keep a rhythm.

So today I tried it out and instead of having random thoughts go through my head I just was counting the whole time through each pitch (ex: 1,2,3,4,5,6) and it happened to work. It also kept me on a rhythm and I wasn’t rushing or ‘hoping’ things would work out…I was just pitching!

Heres the link to the MLB Hot Stove thing

but also maybe it will help other people out too if they’re having a hard time with thought process.

Establishing a consistent rhythm is important. So is putting things out of your mind to let you focus on the moment. The next thing for you to do might be to add in visualization which itself incorporates rhythm.

One thing I should point out about rhythm is to make sure you don’t fall into a consistent one with runners on base. Nothing worse than a pitcher who doesn’t vary his counts. Makes a tough time on the catcher! :roll: