RHP sidearm slider


Any ideas on a slider grip from sidearm slot? Any other breaking pitches?


Good morning, sidearmboy, and I just want to say that we’re talking about one of the deadliest pitches one can have in the repertoire. The sidearm slider was my strikeout pitch for more than 20 years, and I will be happy to tell you about it. The grip is the standard one which I learned from Yankee ace Ed Lopat many moons ago, and it’s just this: very much offcenter, index and middle fingers very close together and the middle finger just touching one seam, thumb underneath for support and resting on a seam, the fourth and fifth fingers sort of curled up on the outside of the ball. I remember, as vividly as if it were yesterday, how Lopat told me “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it”—think of a chef flipping a pancake or a crepe. The slider can be a power pitch—a hard one, which I used—or it can be used as a changeup, depending on how firmly or how loosely you hold the ball. AND—since you’re a sidearmer, like me, you can add the crossfire move to your delivery which will make that pitch virtually unhittable! Again, Ed Lopat: he told me that the crossfire will work with any pitch, even that obstreperous knuckleball, so if you’re thinking of other pitches, yes, you can throw them sidearm and use that crossfire. Remember this—you have to throw every pitch with the same arm motion and the same arm speed because you do NOT want to telegraph those pitches.
Oh. How to do that crossfire: you go into the windup, or the stretch, or even that no-windup motion Don Larsen used when he pitched his perfect game—but instead of going directly to the plate, you take a step toward third base (again, for a righthander), whip around with your whole body and fire the ball to the plate from that angle. The batter thinks it’s coming at him from third base—or from behind the pitcher’s back—and he gets so confused and discombooberated that he ends up striking out, again and again! I recall how I used to lose track of my strikeouts because I kept piling them up!
And there you have it. Any more questions, ask away, and I’ll be glad to answer them.

Goddess of the Slider (sidearm of course)


@Zita_Carno I had a fall league game on Saturday and threw the slider and it was nasty thank you.


I used to throw low three quarter and my slider was by far my best pitch. I started with a two seem grip, rotate the ball up a bit and put your middle and index finger on the right seam with the seam between your two fingers. Then really focus on pulling down on the seam with your index finger and really feel the come off your index finger. I get very late break with a lot of depth. To practice I would just hold a ball and flick it up in the air with my slider grip really trying to feel the ball coming off your index finger.


How are you sidearmboy? Where do you play? I’m a former sidearm pro pitcher from Canada. This is my slider grip used to use. I would try and be as ‘whippy’ with my arm as I could. Tried to point the back of my middle finger to home plate when throwing it.


I am good but starting to get cold. I play in central Illinois. I will check out the site when I have some free time on my hands thank you.