RHP - Right cleat molded and the left metal

I’m thinking about getting a molded right cleat because I think id like to have my right foot spin easier when i am in my stretch. The metal seems to get caught in the dirt/rubber and sometimes screws me up.

Has anyone ever experimented with this or heard of any pro pitchers that do this???

What do you mean molded?

You’ve hit on a subject that’s not talked about much. This is due to the “my little secret” kind of thing.

To address your question directly - TRY IT! Fiddle around with the little things that can give you an edge. That thing that just seems to feel a little better.

In fact, here are some things that I’ve seen pitchers do:

Dr. Scholl’s inserts in either the pivot or the stride foot, or, perhaps both. The gel insteps can give you that cushion or reinforce a reminder of a certain pivot foot or stride foot discipline, just when you need it the most.

File down the outside line of spikes on the pivot foot so as to delay the tilt forward that the pivot foot starts before your actually ready.

File down the inside line (instep) line of spikes on the pivot foot so as to progressively start your momentum forward quicker that you normally would.

Weitght down the toe of the stride foot with just a small plate that is spot
welded, or apply Liguid Nails adhesive, onto the spike of the toe and the two side spikes of the front part of that baseball shoe.

Wear 1/2 size larger baseball shoe on the stride foot and put two Dr Scholl’s gel inserts to cushion the landing.

Then I’ve seen pitchers deliberately paint the bottom of their stride baseball shoe with bright red or orange paint. As the stride forward, their stride foot raises up and the batter see’s this red or orange “thing” … distracts them just for a split second. However, usually after two or three batters, a protest is file ASAP as an unfair distraction … off comes the shoe and we’re back in business. The pitcher, the head coach, GM, and everyone up and down the ladder gets a strict warning not to pull the stunt again. But — it’s fun stuff to watch.

Coach B.