RHP kicking leg towards third base?


A pitching coach is teaching 12U pitchers to pitch like this.

When the pitchers get to their balance point, they do not lead with their butt or hip towards home plate, they take their stride leg and kick it out towards third base, then strides home then pitches the ball.

Thoughts on this???


I think you may not like the guy. What is he to you? If he teaches poor methods, then he will have few pupils and they (The few pupils) will diminish until he’s an assistant manager at Micky D’s. Don’t let the small stuff bug you guy. Concentrate on your journey…


I did not say anything about me not liking this guy. I saw what the pitching coach was teaching so I am asking what your thoughts are this pitching method. That’s it, that’s all.


Well for your first 3 posts you are questioning specific things. Perhaps you have no axe to grind.

What you describe sounds like Bronson Arroyo. I wouldn’t necessarily “teach” this as it does affect timing, Arroyo developed it in his delivery and it works for him.

And leave it to our great freind Laflippin to have it on his channel;


It’s something like Bronson does but after the pitcher comes to his balance point.

The pitchers come to their balance point, then they kick their leg out to 3rd base and swing it around so the foot can land towards home plate.


Some pitchers have a leg motion like you describe (e.g. Nolan Ryan) and some don’t. I don’t instruct the leg motion. To me, it’s personal style and, as JD pointed out, it’s part of a pitcher’s timing.

If the instructor you’re referring to is teaching leg motion, I would disagree with that. If he’s teaching the same leg motion to every pitcher, that’s “canned instruction” which is inapproptiate IMHO.


Roger, I agree 100%—this is cookie-cutter instruction. I have this mental image of a whole bunch of young pitchers being turned into robots, and I find this thoroughly reprehensible. Might as well scrap the current pitching staff and order a like number of robots! :shock: