RHP Brian Wilson clips

From 1st base side, 5 sequential pitches vs Houston Astros: July 5, 2009

I was at a practice last night talking to a coach about a kid on his team and telling him that IMHO the kid’s main issue was that he was leaning back toward 2nd base when he picked up his leg instead of immediately moving his butt toward home. Guy looked at me like I was crazy, and the kid said his pitching coach told him to lean back. I’ll have to show them this video.

Hi quaff,

Consider showing him this one, too:

…or this one:

I guess that pitching coach would “correct” each one of these guys, if he got the chance (lol).

Brian Wilson has such a nice compact motion. He’s a guy who would benefit greatly from a half decent change up. Even if it was a 90 mph change up down the middle hitters would be whiffing. Guy throws straight cheese.