RHP Analysis

I am 16 and roughly 150 pounds. I am gonna pitch a little this year and am just wondering what you guys think. https://youtube.com/shorts/2q3I81EDKoo?feature=share

lol nobody wants to help him

Hahahaha! That video is awesome. First bit of advise, move forward of the rhododendron.

Silly, not much to see.

Looks like you’re throwing a javelin.

Ok jeez guys i realize i’m not a pitcher OK

Hey Silly, if you can post a different video(s)( with a better angle I will try to help you.

However, I will give you this one piece of advice since someone said it looks like you are throwing a Javelin. Normally, I wouldn’t mess with the arm action if at all possible. Nevertheless, I am posting a video that you can watch and begin to work on your rotation and arm action. I like to start working on the lower half first but, I will hold off on that until you can post an updated video.

Hope this gets you on you way,

Former college pitcher and current pitching coach