RH Pull Hitter

I am a right-handed pull hitter (bat right handed and almost always hit the ball to left field side) and I struggled to hit the ball opposite field so I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to fix this.

Top hand turned inward, bottom hand in normal position to pull to right.(<>)
Turn the top hand outward to pull to right(.<>)

<>Usually, batters in the top of the order will pull the ball naturally. This of course depends on the pitch of course. So, a right handed batter will usually pull the ball to left, and a left handed batter will usually pull the ball to right.

Most likely, you swing level or down on the ball. There could be other things as well. Like most things, it’s hard to tell from a verbally given tendency. We only have the result and don’t have access to the information to make a good decision.

A good hitting cue for most batters, regardless of their spray tendency, is to try to hit the inside half of the ball as hard as you can. Track the inner half and deliver the barrel to the inner half. Don’t read anything else into it.

Post some swings if you can, I’m sure some of us can give you some feedback.

I will try to post a video Wednesday (as long as the weather is alright)

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I have the video recorded but the file won’t work on this site (.mov) so I am trying to upload it to YouTube and then share the YouTube link. I’ll let you know once I’ve completed this.