Review mechanics 12 year old Josh

There’s a lot to like there. I’m a father of a 12 with pretty good mechanics at that age and I’d say this young man has some talent and has put in some hard work.

Tuff angle for me to see things, but all I saw was a pretty big rocker step. Most will say shorten it for balance and momentum purposes.

I really like his hip/shoulder separation… At that age it’s exceptional. Given a 12 yr olds general lack of strength not to mention shear mechanical development, that’s impressive.

What’s his ht/wt? Pitch repertoire? How’s the k-bb ratio and velocity?

What kind of throwing program ( days pervweek, bullpens, long toss etc) is he on? Any physical training or arm health exercises?

Great leg lift! I would say shorten the windup a bit because it is big, his head moves a lot, and this can throw off the pitchers accuracy.

Will shorten the wind up. Never noticed before. As far as the head you should have seen it last year,I thought it was going to snap off his neck. I could be wrong but with age should go away as far S EXTRA MOTION on the head. Thanks

Height 5’ weight 88LB pitches 2and 4 seam fastball change up cutter. He has excellent movement on his ball. 2 seam 54MPH. 60% strikes low in the zone but walked to many last year. Works out 3-5 hours a week on top of Baseball. Scap is a little week rear deltoid am working on with bands. I think with a strong kid with decent mechanics the ball should be traveling faster than 54 MPH . Thanks

Make sure he isn’t overworked.

Something besides just bands, you can do scap pushups to strengthen the shoulder, as well as some rows. But keep it simple.

What sort of workouts does he do?

Kettle Bells, Bands, Indian Clubs, Tons of core planks ect. Gluts and scap are a focus now. We never isolate a muscle always focus on the whole body and core while lifting. It is rare to repeat any exercise in a 2 week time frame. Ball squats are just one out of many things that we do also


Dont worry too much about velocity… at 88 lbs 54 mph is about all your gonna get. The body will only allow what it can handle.

He’ll gain size when he’s ready & then the velocity will pick up accordingly. A lot of the reports you hear re: 12 yr olds hitting 60+ mph are a function of inflated #'s vs true readings. The other factor is size and maturity. i’ve seen several top national 12 yr olds who hit 70-72 mph. They were in 14-15 yr old bodies… 5’7 140 lb type kids.

At his age & size his velocity is solid and pretty close to maxed until his body is ready. getting him to 60 could be detrimental… body may not be ready.

Focus on the arm care, mental (competing, learning how to pitch & having fun) & mechanics & he’ll likely develop at a very nice pace & not max out like the kids who are getting by on being early growers.

Great job so far, hes very efficient.

Thanks . I was thinking that but haven’t been around pitching enough to know for sure.

yeah, that was passed to me this last year… as with your son there is a lot of extra & smart work applied which allows them to maximize their potential. when mechanics & training are solid, gains in strength & performance are results of growth spurts.

Important for us as parents to know so we dont try to push them too far, when the answer is coming in a matter of time via physical changes vs turning it up a notch in other areas.

on a lb to mph ratio I’ll guarantee you not many kids could touch your guy.

I’ll continue to watch your posts and videos… you are doing some smart things with him & our kids are similar in age. We can all learn from each other & thats the beauty of this site.

I saw Josh’s video doing squats… insane. Thats very impressive. Showed my gf who is a yoga freak & big on balance & core strength development. Impressed her as well. Given the importance of lower body strength & balance in any sport… thats pretty sweet.

In 2 weeks I will have 4 high quality videos posted . 2 at reg speed open side and catchers and 2 high speed slow motion 250fps open side and catchers. I have a hard time looking at these videos posted on this site because of the quality of the shots. I think you will be impressed with the quality of the next down load.