Returning to the Hill

Hi all, this is my first post outside of the “Introductions” forum. Tonight I make my return to the mound after a ten year layoff from baseball.

I am a 34 yr old 6’ 245 lb southpaw. I am 30lbs heavier then I was 10 years ago (working on reducing that very hard) but I think I am still pretty flexible, I can still do the splits both ways.

My goal was to get my weight down to 210-215 over the next year and play next year. I called the KCMSBL League rep to let him know of my plans for next year and to get some info from him. Surprisingly he remembered me and said he had a team in dire need of pitching. To make a long story short he convinced me to play.

I hope this is not a mistake on my part beings that it has been a long layoff and I have never pitched at this weight.

I am a little nervous because I really dont know what to expect. I have been working out, doing the Jobes exercises and throwing every other day for the past 5 weeks or so. However I have not yet thrown off of the mound.

My arm feels good, which is very promising, buit I am nervous about the timing and tempo of my delivery. Wish me well. I will keep y’all posted later on.

I am very thankful I found this website.



Good luck man, I hope you will be able to help out the team. Just make sure to try and get a feel for a mound during the warm-up, maybe go early to the game to practice off of the mound.

Well, I struggled tonight, but the positive thing is I know what I have to work on.

I was consistantly high and away. My timing is way off, and I was releasing the ball before my GS foot was planted.

Other positives, I still have pretty good velocity, and my shoulder and elbow do not hurt. My left lat is a little sore but not excruciating by any means.

This was my first outing in 10 years, I know I can get back on track.

Not surprising since you said you hadn’t been on a mound yet.


Fix that timing or things might start hurting!

That’s great! Good luck.

Scottster wrote:
I am a 34 yr old 6’ 245 lb southpaw. I am 30lbs heavier then I was 10 years ago

Scott, your legs will require a hot soaking after your game(s). So, plan for about 45 mins in a hot tub. Also, Calgon Bath Oil is great for softing the skin.

The day after your game -appearance, be sure to walk … not jog, but walk for about a mile. A slow easy pace will be fine. By no means get into a “gym” mode and jog, run, weights, and so forth. Let your body get use to the demands that your about to put it through this season. The exercise and “loads” on you legs and expecially your knees – at your age, will be demanding enough during game time. After which, your going to need some down time. Also, remember to keep the body replinished with water … long before you get thirsty. Five glasses a day at a min.

Your diet should include your normal breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t get into the powerbar thing and suppliments. At your age you’ve got to sense what’s normal for your body … as it has been.

If you know someone that knows how to take blood pressure, or a device at your local drug store that can tell you what your blood pressure is … I would suggest considering one or the other. At your age you must have what we call a “base line” blood pressure reading. Take that reading before a game, and after a game. Make sure you know your limits.

Best wishes on your baseball experiences.

Coach B.

good luck with everything, you should start a log on the personal pitching logs forum to track your progress

good luck

After studying video that was taken, my GS foot was planted. After thinking about what I said, it is just about impossible to not have it planted, duh… my release point was early.

Coach Baker, thanks for the advice. I check my BP 3x weekly it runs, on the avg, 138/74. I am also diabetic (type 2) so I am keeping an eye on what I am eating. I eat mainly salads, grilled chicken, fish and drink about 5 64 0z glasses of water a day. I am also taking Omega 3 fish oils, and glucosamine/chondroitin 3x daily, I assume these arent the types of supplements you are referring to.

I did walk a mile today and also did some exercises with a 10lb power tube. My legs and lower back are are a little stiff. When I woke up this morning my shoulder felt fatigued, not painful, more like my legs felt 5 weeks ago when I got on the exercise bike for the first time in a long time (lactic acid). I have no pain in the elbow, my left lat is tender and my arm between my deltoid and the shoulder is what hurts the most.

How long do you think I should wait before I start throwing this week? Our next game is next Sunday.

THanks to everyone for your interest,


I’m going to classify you as a recreational player - thus your normal work schedule after each game … and prior to starting the next game is going to require you to be ready for earning a living… not to be up and ready in the bullpen next Tuesday against the Oakland A’s.

If your work (occupation) is driving truck - loading and unloading freight, or other labor … your pace will depend on being ready for THAT. If on the other hand, you occupation is less labor intensive, then you’ll have to set a pace that fits your role.

So, when determining how to rest, what compliments your life style and your ability to earn a living — these are the things that should take priority.

However, I can tell you from experience … even with “fit” guys in their mid to late twenties (20’s), bouncing back from a sprain, nagging soreness, sun burn, bee stings, etc… does take it’s toll after a while. So, use your best judgement with managing your health … at your age, and don’t be confident with pushing yourself. Enjoy the game, the benefits of exercise for your age and station in life.

Coach B.

Hello all, my comfort level on the mound is returning. This past weekend the radar gun was put on me. My FB was averaging between 82-83 with one reading that had to be a fluke.

Even though this might be acceptable for an Ol’ Has Been, recreational player, I am interested in hearing your opinions on what effects on my velocity losing another 35lbs will have. Will velocity increase, decrease, or stay the same?

Even though this might be acceptable for an Ol’ Has Been, recreational player, I am interested in hearing your opinions on what effects on my velocity losing another 35lbs will have. Will velocity increase, decrease, or stay the same?

Your velocity AND control will depend on your body’s readyness that day and the surface conditions that your performing off of.

If you have a game Sunday, and Saturday was yard work around the house… those muscles might require more than just a good hot soaking and some Absorbine Jr.
Heck, I had one guy who use to rub his shoulders down with some concocktion that his grandmother made up. Every time the guy sat in the bullpen, the placed smelled like a tosted salad.

Unless you play at the same park, game after game, the surface conditions that you’ll be facing will pose another challenge to you. And be very mindfull of this aspect. Groin injuries are very common with players at your age in MSBL.

Losing another 35lbs is a very positive thing for your heart, especailly when it’s 98 degrees and there’s not a breeze in sight.

Take it slow and easy this year. I wish you the very best in your baseball experience.

Coach B.