Returning to Baseball

Hey there guys! First I would like to say that I welcome all comments.

My name is Sean and I am a fitness trainer in Ontario. I played baseball at the junior college level and semi-professional level aswell. In 2006, I suffered what I thought would be a career-ending elbow injury. Fortunately, I’ve been through rehab and noticed no pain in my throwing arm. I have even thrown a couple of sessions with friends and noticed increased velocity after my almost 4 years of downtime.

I would like to make a comeback, of sorts, and possibly return to the same semi-pro league that I was a part of in 2006. I’m not exactly in pitching shape and would like some advice from those who are willing to help. I perfer to use bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, bands, and medicine ball drills. Can somebody aid me in designing a program?

In all honesty, I cannot remember the last time that I specifically trained for baseball. So my memory is a little clouded when it comes to this sort of thing. :?

By the way, Steve, I enjoy your work. I would like to purchase the TUFFCUFF program, but as a trainer to clients of the Detroit-Windsor area… with these financial times, it’s difficult making a living solely off of that. But I promise you that once I scrape together the funds, I will definitely be purchasing your book.

Also, I’m 6’0" and weight around 210-215lbs. At the moment I am built more like a weight lifter rather than a ball player. Once again, I would appreciate any and all help from the members of this forum. Last time I threw, I was clocked around 88-90mph.

Thanks again everyone!

How’s it going Sean?
Are you having a good and profitable off-season?

as a fitness trainer, is there a reason you aren’t in favor of heavy barbell training? (or at the very least, don’t prefer it?)