Returning Back To Throwing

Ok, so since the end of summer ball, I decided to take at least 2 months off complete throwing, and just serious conditioning.
It has been over 2 months now, and I started light throwing today.
But I have a question. When returning back to throw, should I immediately start to long toss as far as I can, or first start slow and work my way up to where I was at before the break or even farther? Also, would it be normal to have some tiredness in the arm (Shoulder) while throwing? Also should I be sore the next day?

Do you need a throwing program, because I’ll give you one.

Start out slow, its better to take your time and be safe then too fast and injure yourself. There might be some soreness, just because you haven’t thrown in a while. Its like any other exercise. If you don’t squat for a couple months and then start up again you’ll feel it in your muscles. The soreness should cease after a few sessions. But if it gets worse, see a doctor.