Resting in the offseason?

as a first time post, long time reader the whole offseason rest topic is based on a the individual IMO but worthy of consideration dependent of the skill level and age of a pitcher. As others have stated you can and should continue to condition in some way. Married to a Occupational Therpist that works with some of the better Ortho Docs in the midwest she see’s 2-4 teenagers a week with arm injuries from either poor mechanics , throwing too much and/or a pitch they are not mature enough to try yet. Nothing most have not heard before.

With a 14 yr old thats at a high level he will personally shut it down for 2-3 months and he’ll work on his own with lighter weight strengthening the shoulder and do J-bands and enjoy playing basketball for his HS Fresh. team. At the end of the day it’s about balance and as a parent I have to ask myself is it worth it to let him keep at it as he matures/develops physically.