Sup guys,
Well basically I’ve been throwing for like the last 6 weeks non stop maybe 1 day here or there without throwing.

As some of you know i hit 88-90 on the gun. Do you think If i take a week off anf come back I can be throwing a bit harder?

I feel no soreness or fatigue in my arm. I havent iced my arm in my life so idk. Im like addicted to throwing the ball.:slight_smile: Let me know what you think i should do

i think everyone on this forum knows u hit 88-90 seeing as thought you put it in every post :lol:

and u definetly have to stop throwing for atleast a few days

ok now lets not get too nasty. If i could throw that hard i’d say it twice as much lol.

I throw 104.

-Joel Zumaya :smiley: