Rest between workouts

how long do you think we should be resting between workouts? ive read everywhere that tears in the body occur and for them to heal we need to rest, but for how long? i dont like not being able to work on things with valuable time. and are there still things that can be done on rest days?

Many pitching coaches did, and do, advocate throwing every day, to keep the arm and shoulder loose and flexible. It can be just playing catch for fifteen or twenty minutes. When I was playing, I did that, and halfway between starts I would do a good bullpen session, just to see how my stuff was behaving. It was important for me to keep throwing, because from time to time I would relieve between starts, usually in the late innings when the situation called for it (think Allie Reynolds who used to do it), so it never took me very long to get warmed up and ready. Believe me, some light throwing won’t hurt. 8)