Rest Before All Stars?

My son is 10 and will be ending his Little League Majors season soon. There will be about a 2 to 3 week break before All Stars tryouts and practices begin in June.

What should a 10 year old pitcher do during those 2 to 3 weeks between the end of the regular season and the start of All Stars?

Should he take a week off? Two weeks off?

I guess the real question is: How much time before the beginning of All Stars should he start throwing again?

Not sure how a break like this affects a 10 year old (if at all). :?

I think a lot of it has to do with just how much use he’s had over that current season that’s ending.

The LL Majors season here is pretty intensive: two or three games and two or three practices each week (typical week: 5 days of baseball). He’s definitely going to get at least a full week to 10 days of rest after the season ends. The question is whether he should take more time off? Or would more time off be disadvantageous once All Stars arrives, which is an even more intensive schedule?

I think he probably should take a few days off. Give his body and mind a rest. Does his body need rest? Maybe, maybe not. But rest couldn’t hurt.

After a few days off start him back throwing lightly and ramp up as the tryout approaches.