So I just got an email from a D1 school inviting me to come to their showcase, and meet their staff and tour the campus. I know this is small but Im kinda of stoked by it! My question is how should I respond to this, or if I should respond to this? The email was from the assistant coach and said if i had any questions about college baseball feel free to ask. Also I wont be around to go to their showcase. So how should i respond to this?


Congrats Sean! It’s always exciting when a college shows interest in you.

You should respond to this, even though you won’t be able to attend. Tell him thanks for the interest, and give him a schedule of when your games are this summer and offer to come there at another time to show your stuff.

Also, I wouldn’t be thrown off by the fact that the assistant coach e-mailed you. Assistant coaches are often in charge of recruiting.

That’s my thoughts. I’m sure others here will have good advise for you too…


Thank you for the help, I hope some other people who have gone through the process can give me a little insight on when they first made contact, Thank you for the help!

You’re welcome. Good luck!


last try…anybody else?

I’d send him your schedule for this summer/next year and invite him to attend a game to see you play. Def keep in touch with the coach.

Ok thanks Steven!

good luck!