I was playing in my rec league this past summer and let me tell ya…no matter how good of a pitcher i was thing just didnt work out. As a 16 year ols i was allowed to only pitch 3 innings leaving the rest of the game up to other pitchers…I would always do decent but not like mind blowing good. I was the ace i got the job done with minimal damage most of the time. But come later innings with othe rpitchers our defense just couldnt keep up.

We had this final game which decided wether we’d go into the play offs.
I didnt notice then but now that i think back on what i was thinking back then its like i made some internal resolution to start the game off as an example to my other pitchers…a resolution that i would use everything i had worked toward making the HS baseball player into this game. A mind set that i went out to mow down any competition that stood in my way.I felt godly in a way and everything fell itno play while i pitched.

I pitched 3 innings i had 6 k’s and gave up 2 hits off of groundball errors. and i actually picked both of them off afterwords.

we played a great game of course until the last inning … we were leading 5-1 and our Defense tanked right off the bat…2 routine groundballs to the SS and he botched them and i think that ruined everyone mentality thinking " oh not again"

but other then that has anyone ever had a game like that. Like when they stepped on the mound you felt completely in control…its almost an odd inner peace. it felt cool

imagine having thaT feeling for a year and you know what guys winning 20+ games loosing 6 or less games feel like. most of the time batters lost the game and the pitcher gave 1 or 2 runs.

I had that feeling once in Basketball. I was in a little tournament and my team was finishing at about 3-2 and we had our final game. Something just came over me, EVERY ball I threw was a perfect swish, seriously like 15 straight three pointers.

Anyways, sorry for going off topic.