[Request!] Tim Wakefield ( slow motion release )

Could not find anything from him ( atleast working) on youtube or other video sites.

would be greatly appriciated.

been a week or so… guess no one has had any luck. =(

I can help you with that, but it’s not YouTube stuff–there is an 11-disc set of dvd video from the 2004 ALCS and WS games that features a fair amount of Wakefield innings. Some of the best of this came from (I think) ALCS game 5. Whichever it was, Wakefield pitched 3 innings of shut-out knuckleball to preserve a tie with the Yankees into the 14th inning of the game, when the RSox won it.

During Wakefield’s innings the TV crew used a fair amount of slo-mo instant replay.

I think the complete set of dvds is still available for purchase through Amazon–it’s not that expensive if you are really motivated to find good video of Wakefield in action.

best i could find

if you have a ipod you can buy game 4 of the ALCS that has plenty of slomo release vids in it. ONLY 1.99