Request for analysis 10 year old

New to the forum, but wanted to get some feedback on my son’s mechanics. He’s 10 and has fairly good control. Speed is consistently 47-48 mph for his 4 seam.

For a ten year old this is great. The one thing I would focus on is his arm deceleration loose as a goose all the way through.

Lots of positives here. Things I notice…

  1. Lead with the front hip. Currently has some leg swing.
  2. Follow through of throwing arm does not finish on outside and past the front knee.
  3. More explosive hip rotation will pull the back leg around and heel up towards sky. This is probably due to a lack of core and leg strength.
  4. From front view notice the head tilts more than 10 degrees and eyes go towards the ground during follow through. May be trying to over throw.

Even though he has pretty good glove control, I would suggest a smaller glove for even better control. The one he is using looks like a 11-11.5. Look for a 10-10.5.

Keep up the good work and work on leg and core strength.

Very nice for a 10yo. With kids this young, I like to keep things simple and focus only on the basics starting with posture and balance which forms the foundation for a solid delivery. This young man is not too bad when it comes to posture and balance but he does have a small but noticeable late posture change. My suggestion is to simply move him to the glove side of the rubber. His back foot drag line extends to the throwing arm side of the rubber which sets him up for the posture change to the glove side as his shoulders try to square up to the target. Set him up so that instead of the back foot dragging away from the centerline of the rubber it drags towards it. That way, there will be less of a corner to turn to square up resulting in less change of shifting posture to get squared up.

Just a few things that I saw:

-His hips were dry, meaning he wasn’t leading with them to the plate, leaving velocity behind
-He doesn’t completely follow through as explosively as he could, leaving velocity and control behind, and over stresses the arm
-His glove doesn’t stop. In the stretch he needs to come to a pause with his glove and hands before going to the plate. It is a good thing to start since eventually it will be called a balk once he gets on to the higher levels.

Thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on improving his arm follow through so it is “loose as a goose” as you said. His core and leg strength are very good for his age. With all of the mechanics thoughts I’ve put into him over the past 6 months, he is still thinking his way through the delivery. I really feel that his delivery will become more explosive as the little league season progresses and his focus is on the game rather than on himself. But, these will be small steps in a long process. I will also experiment with moving him to the glove side of the rubber and see how that works out.

Thanks again for your input.

Couple of things I see, but 1st he looks really good for a 10 yr old, keep up the hard work kid. I would definately like to see him get a little flatter back at the end of the release, this could relax his arm swing at the end too. Next, if you look at 1:11 of the video you get a really good look at how he really doesn’t look at home after the release, this could be dangerous. He should end up in a good athletic position, head up at the target, looking a little like a linebacker to make a defensive play if necessary.