REQUEST: Don Sutton

Their millions and the fact that they are there says yes yes yes, for them…The fact they made it to the bigs :roll: …WHERE ELSE CAN THEY GO BEYOND THAT???
Just who are you to say it’s not? What expertise, what skill do you have that elevates you above their effort…? They made it, they used the skills and abilities and the bodies that they were born with and they succeeded. This is the essence of the issue I have about this subject… certain…UNQUALIFIED (Unqualified because not experiencing the particular players journey) people placing themselves as “expert” above the player, the coaches, the scouts, the trainers, the doctors, the managers, the GM’s, the parents who got that player to that spot…they are all wrong and only the people who believe this…this baloney are right???..and saying that “if only” they hadn’t done this terrible thing…why Mark Prior (Who was injured in a base running collision and then again by a liner to the pitching elbow) could have been better than he was…or whoever else you bring up…it just isn’t real, it’s not a supportable arguement (Fine for fantasy speculation…but real life says those who are good enough, get there…W, X, or upside down Q).
I mean what if their mom fed them rubber every day?
What if they followed a martial arts routine that had them impact like a guy breaking blocks…what if cows fly…? It is speculation based on a bias that was noticed, it’s not substantiated by any reality.

[quote=“laflippin”]Maybe a more compelling question, pitcherman, is:

Because the “inverted w” has been singled out as the root of all pitching evil by a self-proclaimed guru (who is actually an avid internet marketer/spammer without any baseball background but who is fully dedicated to the hope that you and others will eventually believe that he knows what he’s talking about and praise him as a knowledgeable force in baseball)…again, because this self-absorbed marketer has said it’s bad, does that mean that the elite pitchers whose mechanics look like that really are inefficient, bad, more injury-prone, etc than other elite pitchers?

This is one of the major problems with the internet—charlatans and frauds can sometimes manipulate naive youngsters into believing almost anything.[/quote]

Short and to the point, lol.