REQ: Tommy Hanson


Tommy Hanson the new kid from the Braves


nobody? well he pitched today on ESPN he gave up two runs but its cus it was his first MLB appearence hes got great stuff he stayed mid 90’s with his Fball. his curveball and slider are nasty 80 and 87


96mph fastball, this clip’s faster than the others, that’s why his delivery is sped up a bit compared to the others.

80mph breaking ball.

Just for kicks, 96 mph in the back during one of the first games of spring training = not fun.


thank you


not a big fan of his arm action.


Miquel Tejada can’t get a break. First he is prominantly named in the Mitchell Report, then it slips out he’s two years older than previously reported and now he gets beaned in the “fat roll”. :twisted:


[quote=“tdbaseball”]not a big fan of his arm action.[/quote] yeah no one should be surprised if he gets hurt soon