REQ: David Price

love that guy

There’s something that was invented back in the 1500’s its called research


Compared to Kazmir

Spring training



There is a “search” option for a reason

Your welcome

wow, pirates, settle down. The guy is obviously new to the site, cut him some slack. That sounded just way too much like an impatient Kaz.

All he had to do was go back 3-4 pages or do a simple search for “Price clip” and BAM its there

Dang…havin a bad night there kid?

You might want to pick a new team…Pirates are going to suk again this year!!!

How bout Tampa Bay…they got a nice rotation?

Yeah, I would stick with Tampa Bay. Pirates are brutal.

I think it was invented before the 1500s but I agree with you


Well I didnt want to get to technical with the 200 BC and have everyone trying to find how many years ago it was (2209 years ago…I hope :lol: )

haha, sorry for the lack of research.

I am new at this, but i was kinda lazy.

anyway, thanks for the videos. next time ill look a little harder. Go Rays

No worries. I myself cant feel a sense of accomplishment without some research. :smiley: