Reply to your answer on Tim Hudson's balk

Sounds like the bottom line is that Hudson can do it because they like him. I know that sounds childish but it just looks that way. I wonder if another pitcher decides to start doing that and the umps don’t call it the first time, will they continue to let him do it? It is a balk anyway you look at it and the rules are put there to go by, not to choose which you inforce or not. Just like the umps did with Maddox and Glavine some years back by giving them strikes a foot outside. I am glad to see that the umps are doing a lot better now on that issue, but it sounds like that some still have their own strike zone. It isn’t their strike zone, it is the rules strike zone. A lot that I see sure don’t give the pitcher anything above the belt. Looks like the only way that most pitchers get a strike up there is if they fool the batter into striking at it. I am not against umps. They, like ball players make errors and they take a lot of abuse when they are right. I just think some of their innocent mind set on some issues are wrong.
Thanks, oldpitcher