Replay in Baseball...What do you think?

So after the blown call to cost a perfect game last night, what do you guys think? Should a replay feature be available in the MLB, similarly to how it is done in the NFL?

What is your opinion?

You know what’s so great about this game? It’s humanizing. It’s about the frailty of being a human being with all its plus and minuses. And there is no greater endeavor on the face of this planet than baseball.

We all strive to be something that we would otherwise not - in baseball. We point to heros and
villains, good guys and bad guys - in baseball. By a noble act - the sacrifice, we give up our best for the best of someone else.

People play this game, not machines, not calculators or tickertape. We do or don’t.

Bringing some sort of order to this contest is the most vilified official in all sports - the baseball umpire. He/she must be right 100% of time, from his/her first day on the job to the last. And although many may see his/her craftsmanship, from all sorts of angles near and far, it’s the umpire’s judgement that prevails. That judgement that is so in step with those around him/her, that judgement that is as human as the nine, on and off the field.

I honestly think that if technology were to creep into this realm of the most humanized sport in all creation, it would lessen the very nature, tempo and complexion of this game. Sure, there are mistakes, even down right …”oops”, but so are we prone to a few “oops” along the way.

The point that I’m making here is that we have the respect and admiration for this game because it is so human- prone to all the things that humans do. Record books are great and so are bragging rights, championship rings and whatnot. But I want a human to be the judge of that, right or wrong, plain and simple.

Coach Baker

Well said Coach B.

You know I think that certainly instant replay would help make all the calls more accurate and perhaps it would even make the game better for the casual fan that only knows a few teams and names.

But for those of us who love this game and honor the integrity of the game it should all be left as is and up to the umpires.

The human element ought to be left in the game as much as possible, and although I personally feel that poor Armando got robbed of a perfect game, hey it happens, people miss calls and that moment when it could have brought out the worst in Jim Joyce and Armando Gallaraga it really brought out the best in them both, Armando and his respect for the umpire’s call and respecting human error and Joyce for his humility and realization of his own mistake. If the ruling is changed and they give Gallaraga a perfect game I will be personally upset because the fact is Mr. Joyce signaled safe and that’s that.

People screw up and the way they handle it, both them and the person who got hosed shows a lot about their character, and boy am I proud that these two men, men at the highest level of baseball were able to handle it maturely and properly, these two men are truly gentlemen.

Good posts both of you…

For some reason, the poll messed up and did not add my third option:
“Leave it the way it is”

Something like tennis…
2 or 3 challenges in the game and 1 more in extra innings.

voted for 1st option… i think thats better

I would say “No”.
Umpires are human, too.
Players make mistakes, why shouldn’t umpires?