Repetoire (sp?)

What’s a good repetoire for a young (13 year old) coontrol pitcher I have Fastball, changeup, and working on a knuckler

A control pitcher with a knuckler? How does that work?

Ditch the knuckle. Work on 4-seam, 2-seam, and a good change. Add a curve at 16/17.

Looks good to me and there is no harm in trying to learn the knuckleball, who knows it might come in handy sometimes.

Well my frined taught me it, his is good, and he said it took him 2-3 years to learn so I thought better start learning

I would also ditch the knuckler but thats just me. If I were you, I would start workin on a 2-seamer/sinker. Start now getting that movement on that pitch and you will be in good shape once you move up to high school. Also keep working on the change and getting movement on it too.

I say work on any pitches you want. Working on a good two seamer or a fastball with movement definitely is something you should look into but i dont think you need to stop throwing a knuckleball. I am pretty much locked in on the arsenal of pitches that work best for me but on my off days i still also play around with grips just in case i stumble across a better way to throw a pitch or maybe even find a pitch that better suits me thats how i found my two seamer.

Well when I put 4-seam fastball I grip it across the small seams and across where it says offical ball so it is kinda like a 2-seamer some people say

If you are holding it accross the two seams so basically rotating a two seamer 90 degrees in your hand than you are throwing Roger Clemens’ fastball im not sure if that is is four seam or two seam but that is how he throws one of them.