REP A 14 yr old pitcher


I need some feedback… I’m 14, 5’5, 117 lbs.
I have 4 pitches I use properly and effectively 4seam, 2seam. circle change up, 12 6 curve.
I am a dominate pitcher because of my ability to throw these 4 pitches effectively. This year in one game 1 faced 16 batters stuck out 11 of the 16. Another game I took a no hitter into the 5th inning and won the game 8 1. I just made AA team for next season.
Heres my problem because of my off speed pitches my changeup tails and my curve is real dirty im really effective. BUT my fast ball is not even average velocity wise. I pound it for strikes i can locate it which helps. But now that I’m in AA im worried my velocity will become an issue.
I throw 65 mph, Im worried that I wont be a pitcher long because i cant throw hard.
I hear about kids throwing 70mph at 10 years old. Thats not me I’m 14 skinny and im lucky if I hit 65mph.
And words of advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


My advice is look up Jamie Moyer. We hear a lot about velo. Velo gets people excited. No out has ever been recorded or run awarded for the readings on a radar gun. You want to know what is valued even above velo? Winning. Getting batters out. Just do you, dont give up and when given the chance show 'em what you can do with your stuff.


Thank you


most guys use their fastball to setup off-speed stuff. Low velocity guys have to pitch backwards - use your offspeed to set up the fastball. Just make sure your fastball is hitting corners and not out over the plate.


Two things pop out at me here - first, I’ll give you credit where credit is due:
… you know what your abilities are and you use what you have effectively and you’re dependable with it. No small feat here, take my word for it. You also sized up a comparison with respect to your “pitching hard”, and that tells me you want to stretch your ability’s and present a complete package.
Ok … let’s stop here and read what follows with the intent of keeping what you got and going from there.
Your body has certain limits that you obviously know about. So, that knowledge is invaluable to you as you grow older and develop physically. Don’t rush it. Don’t toss out what you’ve developed and value as your mainstay right now. Don’t hit the weights and start pushing up hundreds of pounds of dead weight. Don’t go on a diet of chemical cocktails that offer promises and little else.
Second …. you will hit a growing spurt that will impact you in ways that you won’t understand. You’ll have mood swings, and even aggressive behavior that you’re going to kept in check … yes, this will happen. You’re frustrations will mount on not being perfect with just about everything you do, so prepare for it.
Is there a name for all this stuff - yep… it’s called growing up… hormone changes, and more.

One day you’ll wake up and top the gun at a velocity that’ll surprise you… it’ll just happen. So, combining what qualities you have now, with that growth spurt that’s just around the corner, you’re in store for a big surprise. A good surprise in letting nature take its course, your patience, and bearing down on the quality pitches that you now have.

I know this sounds rather hollow and “how come”, but so many have gone this route before you… soon, it’ll be your turn.

About this velocity thing, a quick story to complete my posts:
Our batting coach was retired coach from a farm club, and he was one of the smartest men in this game that I ever met. He was a new hire and we had a roster of smart mouths that made fun of him because of a hip replacement that him walk a little to one side. He schedules a BP session and he asked me to keep my BP pitcher - a local college sophomore, “planted” and then out walks his new guy, who picks up a few baseballs from the shopping cart and stands behind the screens and flips a finger to a batter to step in. The first couple of “tosses” goes into the stands, then next dozen or so has this smart mouth swinging like a gate. And so goes the entire roster… one after the other. Now granted, BP is not designed to strike batters out - just the opposite. Well. after the session, with the guys behind the batting cage sputtering to themselves, our BP pitchers walks over to the place where our new batting coach was sitting, SHE took off her camp and a long pony tail fell across her back. She was his granddaughter.
I wish I had a video camera rolling to catch the looks on the guys behind the batting cage. All this girl tossed was what we call “fluff” and she was very good at it. So much for the Roquefort Rocket.