Reoccuring injury

Alright so I’ve had the same injury for the last couple seasons. It occurs in the inner bicep after lots of throwing and throbs in pain often times.

I’m a 17yr old right handed pitcher with a curve, change, and 4seam fb. I believe I’m fairly solid mechanically and this injury is puzzling and very limiting on my baseball ability. I’m pretty sure its not the curve ball causing the problem because I haven’t throw many of them a this season yet.

Basically I’d like to know what type of mechanical flaws would cause this injury and what changes can be made. Also if there is any exercises or stretches to prevent this injury in the future I’d like to know them. Any helpful responses would be very appreciated.

Below: a picture of the area where i feel pain(not my arm)

hard to help you without a video clip. from what you are saying it recurrs every year when you begin to increase the frequency and intensity of your throwing. most likely it will happen again if you keep doing the same thing unless you mature and a growth plate closes or something. if you are not on a jobe type shoulder and arm maintenance program i would start there. also you may want to start earlier next year and increase your intensity at a more gradual pace than what you are using now.

Ill try and get a video of me throwing off the mound this weekend. In the meantime does anyone know of a common mechanical flaw that causes this type of injury. I’m kind of thinking its my follow through.

Also Ive heard that a muscle imbalance (between bicep and tricep) could cause the problem. Maybe doing some curls and extensions to strengthen the muscle groups could solve my problem.

if its just getting sore i would try strengthening up that area. try curls and forearm workouts.

Looks like bicep tendonitis. Do you shortarm the ball?

Pretty sure I don’t, but we’ll see when I get some video up.

i would see a doctor just in case