Remaking my mechanics and my Friday start

Ok with the help of rawtalent and seedthrower I noticed that my mechanics were not for me and that I was trying to be a pitcher that I wasn’t.

Then I looked back to when I was a kid what did I do when pitching that was natural and it was gain ground. It’s been a big change since last night when I started to practice gaining momentum. It has made me so consitstant that I was able to repeat the delivery about 75 times with No trouble. The new mechanics or old ones because I use to use them when i was little fixed my release point and Back hip drive is way better now. Also it’s easyer to stay closed with the shoulder because Im fluid and it’s just easy for some reason.

I feel more comforable and great going back to my old self again. Maybe the lesson is do what feels right and you will be better off.

The mechanics are my style and No one elses and the only person they came close to is chein ming wang but thats the only person.

Im pitching today{FRIDAY} with the new mechaincs that help me do theses things better:

GET IT GOING WITH THE HIPS {10x’s better with the new mechaincs}
BACK HIP DIRVE {No problems anymore}
Release point {it’s fine now no problems}

Also with the new mechaincs I feel strong and power full because I can explode no like the other mechanics where it was hard to Explode.

For me this will be the mechaincs I stick with for now on. They are way better more comforable and I can repeat them over and over very easy.
So thank RAW TALENT AND SEEDTHROWER for helping me realize that I need to change.

ok the video is coming just trying to upload it to you tube.

The problems with my New mechaincs:
KEEP WORKING ON MOMENTUM TOWARD HOME back leg drive PLATE I feel more balanced an stable

The mechanics look bad as HELL but I need more practice on explode hips and then alot of the problems will get fixed because of me exploding.

Release point
back hip drive/collasped leg

And I will add MPH but i need more practice.

[quote=“RIstar”] then alot of the problems will get fixed because of me exploding.

idk why, but that struck me as hilarious.


If I Explode more and tuck the glove in while staying closed will it fix?


[quote=“Matt666”][quote=“RIstar”] then alot of the problems will get fixed because of me exploding.

idk why, but that struck me as hilarious.[/quote]


i don’t see any chien ming wang in that delivery. nor did i see any significant change from your old and “new” mechanics. but thats just me.

Actually, I do see a difference. The leaning back isn’t as bad as it was. It’s there a bit but I wouldn’t say it’s causing anything to be worried about. What I think you need to consider, and I know this goes against what Mills always says, is that the heel of your back foot stays down at the rubber far too long. I believe that this is the cause of your back leg kind of collapsing and the knee dropping so close to the ground. Yeah, Mills says to keep it there as long as you can but most pros do NOT do that. In the video, try to get to where your front foot has just landed. Now, look at your back foot. The heel’s almost still on the ground. Now look at the Nolan Ryan, Clemens, Rivera and Brown clips below.

The back foot is pretty much completely turned over by the time the front foot bears weight. As a result, there’s a smooth transition between links of the chain. In your video, there seems to be a distinct timing difference between landing and throwing.

You’ve been completely overwhelmed and, in my opinion, handcuffed by your fixation on “exploding”. It’s “holding you back”, literally and figuratively. Again, I know Mills preached exploding a lot. Not so much now with Momentum Pitching. I suggest you tone down the exploding idea and focus on building up increasing amounts of momentum over your stride and use your back leg better to help transition from the rubber to your landing foot. Study the guys in the clips. Really note the timing of the back leg and foot extension and turnover with respect to hip rotation and landing. Emulate that!! This idea of “explosion” is only serving to HOLD YOU BACK.

I’m willing to bet you’ll see a difference.

Dm, I want to cut out the collasp of the body. So is staying tall one way to do this?

When I mean exploding I mean staying closed and waiting for the last second and then rotating fast with the back leg and the Core. Right now I don’t do this should I start to?

If I get ride of the collasping of the body will I get more momentum that I need towards home plate will that help my release point be more over the plant leg?

I don’t even try to keep the heel down it just is something that happens so I will work on rotating the back leg and get better timing.

I just looked at frame bt frame of Nolan Ryan and I noticed a chain reaction to staying closed and the hip/back foot rotation. If you stay closed enough then the hips/back foot will rotate at the perfect time when you go to pull the glove in and throw the ball.

So I have to work on Staying closed, Longer stride with more momentum so the foot will turn over better. Also staying tall so that the whole body and leg doesn’t collasp at the end of the throw.

If I focus on staying closed and momentum then the back leg will have no choice but at landing to turn over and rotate because I will be striding far and off the mound and the heel will not be able to stay on the rubber.

What do you think?

It’s the shoulders I’d be more concerned about when using the term “staying closed”. Those clips show a curious bit of timing. The back leg and knee begin to extend and spin just before hip rotation happens into landing. One could debate whether this “fuels” or just “facilitates” hip rotation. Most think it’s the latter. Whichever, you’re not doing it. You’re trying so hard to stay closed with even the hips that you’re not getting the core rotation fully at the right time. Your timing seems to be “stride, land-----then-----throw”. There’s a slight lag in your motion between land and rotate. My suggestion/opinion is for you to get the back leg/knee/foot extending and spinning on it’s axis a bit earlier, yes, earlier, thus facilitating hip rotation into landing. The Kevin Brown clip is fantastic for studying this timing.

Knee-foot-core-shoulders-trunk flex-release.

All in one smooth, continuous chain, as opposed to:

Stride-land------everything else.

I’m not sure I’m making this really clear. Again, study the Brown clip a lot. Wonderful timing. It’s like a wave rolling upward, gaining energy as it goes.

Ok so if I stay tall through the delivery and focus on rotating the foot and core at the same time then I should be ok?

You want me to start to rotate just before I land with the back foot and then rotate the core and shoulder?

I looked at chein ming wang and curt shilling and I noticed there toe touches the ground like me then they lift the foot off the ground and the hips rotate fast because there is No drag of the foot and leg so the hips can fly through would this be a good thing for me to try and see if it fixes it. Because I feel that might be able to fix my leg problems and would be more comfortable and get more momentum out of my stride which I tend to not get extended but allowing the foot to come off the ground would. watch his back leg AND Curt


Actually, I didn’t say at all that the foot and core rotate at the same time. Nor did I say that the core and shoulders rotate at the same time. Especially not the core and shoulders. The shoulders definitely do NOT rotate with the core. Definitely not. I get the feeling that, when you look at the videos, you’re not seeing what I’m hoping you will but you’re seeing what you want to see. Remember the “wave” I spoke of? Look at Brown again. It starts at the bottom and sequentially works its way up.

[quote=“DM”]Knee-foot-core-shoulders-trunk flex-release.

All in one smooth, continuous chain[/quote]Notice I didn’t say a smooth “simultaneous motion”. It’s a sequential, chain put together with smooth transitions between each component. Again, look at Brown or Clemens.

[quote=“RIstar”]I looked at chein ming wang and curt shilling and I noticed there toe touches the ground like me then they lift the foot off the ground and the hips rotate fast because there is No drag of the foot and leg so the hips can fly through would this be a good thing for me to try and see if it fixes it.[/quote]The foot drag DOES NOT slow down or inhibit hip rotation. Do you really think Nolan Ryan’s hip rotation was slowed down by the toe drag? Or Clemens? Or Brown? Or …? The toe drag is a result of hip rotation and forward momentum. If lifting your foot early is what you find yourself doing, then fine, as long as everything else is in sync. Just don’t be fooled into thinking that this will make hip rotation better or, worse, not doing it will inhibit rotation. There is a danger in focussing on lifting the back foot. That being you might end up getting your upper body going forward too early. Focus on spinning the back leg and foot, at the right time, and let it do what it may after that. The lifting of the foot is a non-productive thought. There are several far more important things to think about.

I suggest you stop looking at the clips for justification of something you already WANT to do and just see what they do. Then we can discuss the merits of it all here. Study those clips for timing issues and just LOOK. Don’t go into them with pre-conceived notions. Just LOOK.

Just an observation. It seems that when you extend that rear leg and move off the ball of your foot, (like in the above videos), that move will get your hips to properly open before your shoulders. Try it in slow motion. NO Ball needed. point your shoulder to a target. A few inches at a time start moving your stride leg sideways while extending your rear leg. When you get to where your posting foot begins to extend your hips will begin to open. I can’t get it “not to happen”. So when you move off the back foot properly your hips will open first and in turn help deliver your shoulders which in turn deliver your arm. I’d be curious to see if others have noticed this. Or disagree with this.

the reason I would want to lift the leg up early is because the leg will not collasp is that ok?

I think the reason you’re collapsing on the back leg is because you’re staying over it too long. It’s a matter of mental imagery. If your thought process is to get the side, or back, of the front hip going with increasing tempo, assisted by the back leg extension, you will not be staying over the back leg so long and the collapse will disappear. Think about moving the centre of gravity, not just the front foot. Think of only that for a bit of trial and error. Centre of gravity, sideways, fast and long. Your back leg and foot will help that happen. No wait and explode thoughts. Get it going right away. Just try it for a bit. Remove all of the other clutter we’ve filled your head with for a bit. Just think of that. Add all of the other stuff (arm action, back foot lift or drag, etc.) later. Just centre of gravity, sideways, fast and long. Keep it that simple for now and really give it a chance.

Ok im going to do dry throwing with no ball and no mound to try to get that in my head just fast,long stride and center of gravity sideways.

How much dry throwing should I do a day.
My team has a break till the 9th on a friday because of the 4th of july. What should I do in between then and i don’t know is I have anyone to throw with what should I do more dry throws on flat ground right now to get the gravity thing sideways down?

ok so here is a video of me pitching on flat ground.


do you pitch sidearm? in the most recent video is looks like your pitching either very low 3/4 or sidearm.

No i don’t throw low 3/4 or sidearm but my yard isn’t big and I had a target that was pretty close to me so it dropped my arm angle by a couple of inches.

I’m seeing some good things here RIstar. We need to take into account that this is not from a mound, so momentum generation and timing of all of the parts will be different. Spin that back leg and foot more, allowing the core to rotate. Looking good. Keep up the good work but get on a mound when you have the chance.

[quote=“RIstar”]ok so here is a video of me pitching on flat ground.


That’s really you? You look much improved to me! I think you’re heading in the right direction.