Does religion really influence your life. I’m jewish, and i go to services every saturday. I also speak hebrew.

Religion in and of itself doesn’t mean a whole lot to me (I was born a catholic) but my faith and belief in God and his Son are the foundation in which I try to build my life. I always encourage the guys I talk with to play for a higher purpose. I don’t think self is that higher purpose. The example of Jesus is, though unattainable (No who ever lives on this earth will be perfect except him) is what we (IMO) should all strive for…giving of self and selfless sacrifice, these are things you can do even if you have no money…and the positive impact is immeasureable. All you have to do is try it…it is the one thing in the bible that God challenged us to test him on. You give selflessly and the receiving is so much the better. This is where the idea behind Christmas comes from really.

Many people don’t know what it means to have a purpose and it takes awhile to find out.

“Many people don’t know what it means to have a purpose and it takes awhile to find out.”

This is why we need leaders, mentors…folks who encourage. You are right though…for some it takes a lifetime.

I was watching Charlie Rose one afternoon and his guest was football coach Lou Holtz, who was once Head the Notre Dame’s football team. Pastoral President Monk Malloy of Notre Dame was having a conversation with coach Holtz about the coach’s faith and how this faith would see him through. To which Coach Holtz replied:
“ FAITH!! I HAVE PLENTY OF THAT! In fact, I have no problem with the parting of the seas, Jonah and the whale, the walls of Jericho, the burning bush, and the forty fishes — but you have not idea how
tough Ohio State can be in the playoffs !!!

Coach B

Ask any ML player how many of those who point to the sky go to church.

“Ask any ML player how many of those who point to the sky go to church.”

So they aren’t believers…or are faking for some reason? Trying to fool God? Is it necessary to go to church to believe in God?
What point are you making P’fess?

Just wondering who god favors more when K-rod (who points to the sky every time after a save) faces pudge rodriguez (Who crosses himself before an at-bat)?

So you’re thinkin they sorta cancel each other out? What if they are praying for positive things and not negative, or acknowledging a greater power and by example, furthering that belief, why is it you assume a cynacal aspect? Not everyone is selfish…some try to consider others. Is your perspective of God only as a weapon? Can’t they just be praying they don’t get one in the ear? Or to bless their mother or something if they do take one in the ear?
Slurve I’m not anything but some kids dad, but thats got to be a real sad way to go through life, thinking these guys are “using God”? Like that could be done…People are not perfect and the guys who do this have faults, that doesn’t make acknowledging God a bad thing. They will (If you believe that way) face judgement at some point and so will you and I. I don’t think you could possibly prove that folks who are inspired or that play for a higher purpose don’t do extraordinary things. I won’t tell you what or how to believe, I just hope you find something that gets you a little more optimistic outlook. Hypocrites shouldn’t stop you from your beliefs