Hey guys. The baseball season has just begun and we are just starting to throw off the mound. One problem that I have noticed is that when I pitch after someone with a longer or shorter stride as me, he develops a rut and it is very uncomfortable for me. I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestion as to what I can do to try and solve this.


Generally I just dig it out to fit my foot. Metal spikes are a pretty good tool to help you establish a comfortable landing.
If theres time to, see if you can maybe have a coach (or yourself) get a rake or a tamp and smooth out and fix the rut.

Hope that helps.


No, its not a visual thing. I have the same problem, if the rut is longer than my stride my foot slips into that rut, and you cant really fix it because the dirt is too loose and it feels like your going to twist your ankle the wrong way.
Im a starter now and I dont have that problem, but when I was a reliever last year I just compensated for the rut. If the stride was longer than mine I would try not to step so far and maybe scrape some dirt into it and bash it down with my foot (dont do it too long or youll look like an idiot lol). And if the stride is shorter then your stride shouldnt be affected too much.
Other than that Im not sure what to do. But I also have the same problem as you. Its also a conscious thing. Im afriad that Ill get an ankle injury if I step on the wrong place. Which then in turn plays tricks on your control and velocity.
But like I said I dont have that problem now as I am a starter.

The problem is the rut is just a few inches short or long so my foot hits the edge making it very akward. Then I would make my stride longer or shorter depending and it screws up my mechanics.

Thanks for your help