Relief Pitcher Warm-up


I am going to be pitching this season for my adult baseball team and will be used as a reliever mostly. i am looking for a good solid warm-up routine to use so that I can make sure I am ready to roll when needed but not wear out too quick. I am not a spring chicken anymore and never really had a routine back in the day I just threw a few pitches to get my arm loose and hit the field. Any advice or suggestions would be great.


I’ve been doing this lately and it’s one of the best shoulder warm-ups out there. There are some good bodyblade/shoulder tube warmups out there as well, in addition to simple arm circle warm-ups you can do to get ready in 5-7 minutes or less.



Thanks for the info. I was hoping to find a bullpen routine for a relief pitcher if I could. I was trying to figure out about how many pitches and what type different coaches have their guys doing to “get hot”. I personally throw a 2 and 4 seam Fastball, curve, and Forkball. Anything would be great.


It’s going to vary from person to person and its especially going to vary game to game depending on how each pitch is or isn’t working for you.

Something simple to start off with is throw each pitch low in the zone on the corners, in a sequence like you’d do against a live hitter i.e. FB low away CB low away Fork low inside 2 seam low inside etc. etc. see what’s moving and what you can spot up and where what isn’t and adjust from there.

Also factor in the 8 warm up tosses you get on the mound itself.


Just take your warm up easy. There are plenty of warmup techniques out there (shoulder blade, bands, etc.) but when it comes to your pen warm up try and throw easily every few innings (probably once at the begging of the game and one MAYBE two more times before you go in) at less than 75% velo. If you can kind of gauge when your going to go into the game then an inning or two before that ramp up and get your muscles firing. I pitched at the canadian midget nationals last year and going from being a starter to the pen i had no idea how to warm up and this worked really well for me. so in summary:
pre game- run/stretch/throw - get loose
mid game- 15-20 pitches <75% (work in off speed pitches just to get a feel for them) - stay loose
1-2 innings before entering game- game like pitches get everything moving fast - ramp up