While observing videos of professionals I have noticed that Stride to Release is more of an explosion rather than a fluid motion. Is this something that should be part of delivery or should younger pitchers keep it simple until they develop the strength to throw 100%?

This was the best example I could find. Granted this will not always be the case as not everyone is a power pitcher like Mo.

Looks can be deceiving. The purpose of getting to, and continuing with, the motion that sits on top of the stride is to accelerate, and continue with the release of the ball … which is all part of a “release phase” rather than a “release point”, as it’s sometimes called.

Explosive forward movement is the life blood of sound pitching practices, and the end result is releasing all that energy to the ball … as it blisters down range to the catcher. And that statement also pertains to more than just the pitches in the fastball family. This also pertains to all your pitch inventory, even your off-speed/change-up.

I would like to draw you attention to the knuckleball, with respect to my last statement. Although the knuckleball may not look like it gets it performance in part from the same drive forward … it does. But the pitcher is not in a firepower posture with his/her entire body per say. Nevertheless, the same cycle of platforms apply -legs, hip, torso, and shoulder platforms.

And by the way, the “fluid” part of explosive motions, is the fact that the fluid is just moving a heck of lot faster than the name “fluid” would imply.

Good question and well thought out.

Coach B.

Well the reason I have been looking at Mo is his longevity so I figure his arm action is pretty solid and considering he has undergone TJ as well he seems like a good model.

Basically my question was rooted in the conservative nature that I have evolved my mechanics since my operation. It seems that I am trying too hard to focus on fluidity (is that a word?) rather than exploding down towards the plate. Maybe because of the tendonitis maybe because of the scare of further injury. Would anyone recommend something to help me overcome this? I dont know what to do.