Release with elbow?


Are you suppose to put your elbow out first when you are about to release the ball? I release the ball the ball with no “whip”. any advice?


The answer to your question about the elbow is NO.
Advice? I wouldn’t know where to start.


If you push your elbow in front of you face you are putting extra strain on your UCL. This is one mechanical flaw that causes UCLs to pop. I would go and watch ■■■■■■■■■■■ on YouTube and they explain it


brent pourciau is the guy you need to watch


I’m sure I don’t need to watch him. I understand that pitchers aren’t supposed to lead with the elbow. They lead with their chest…among other things.


The whip you are looking for should be generated by the chest slamming forward and the arm laying back before coming forward to fire the baseball. And as others have said, your elbow does not lead, it will come around with the shoulders.
The better your front leg is at stabilizing, the better chest movement forward and toward your target you will have.
Ankle/knee, hips, shoulders, chest, arm, release.