release points

my release point is WAY out infront… like when my elbow fully extends i release
if u were to put ur arm straight out infront then moved it up about half a foot and to the right 3/4 of a foot thats where i would release

is this bad?


The release point should be about 8"-12" in front of the front foot. Sounds like you are around that.

No that is not bad at all. The closer to home plate the better. Your shoulders should not be square to the plate upon release.

Shoulders should not be squared at release?

Yes. This picture shows they are squared. The one I posted above shows that they are not squared at release. If the shoulders are squared at release, how do you get the release point to be out in front of the front foot?

Well, in that picture, the pitcher’s upper arm (i.e. the humerus) will pivot forward at the shoulder (adduction) and the elbow will extend.