Release Point


I’ve been in a couple debates about release point so if you were in that or want to contribute your thoughts, please do so.

Zach 11y Pitching Analysis

I personally think it should be behind your head in relation to your trunk. If you took your delivery to release point and moved the camera so that your trunk is straight up, your arm should be behind your head. Obviously with good trunk tilt your arm won’t be straight up, but thats not what I’m saying.
During the acceleration on as on this picture, that is what I think is bad.

This is a good example of what to do:


Instead of wind up, I call it the lift because wind up is a pitching position not a phase of throwing. You have the wind-up and the stretch.

Cocking phase begins with the shoulders in line with the target and not squared to the target.

Acceleration Phase begins at max external rotation with full forearm layback. The picture above labeled acceleration, I would call pre-release and the point of max acceleration.

Deceleration begins at release and is well under way by the time of the fourth still image.


This is not my picture. This picture is an example of what I think is wrong. I said before the picture that the “acceleration” in this picture is what a release point is not and that’s what it seemed like y’all were saying.


I was using this as an example of what a real ease point is NOT. I also disagree with the rest of it but that wasn’t my point.


I was simply putting a description on each image as a way of showing the way I interpret them. In my opinion, this aceleration picture is essentially very close to what I would call the release point. It’s the point of maximum force applied to the ball.